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Takatz Bay - Another beautiful anchorage in Southeast Alaska

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Takatz Bay is another one of the beautiful bays in Southeast Alaska. It has a large delta at the head of the bay that was fine to navigate in the tender at high tide, but you don’t want to take your vessel that far back. There is a stream coming out of there at lower tides and I tried kayaking up the stream. Even with getting out and walking part of it, I still did not make it to the waterfall at the head of the bay and slightly around the bend. I did talk with another boater (Robin on Adventures) who saw a bear at the waterfall…!

The bay is full of waterfalls, there are at least 3-4, probably more than normal because of the precipitation. The falls pictured here are up the creek and around the corner. You need to explore to find them. Jim and I noticed while touring in the large tender at high tide, that there is something that emits off gassing growing in the delta. I spend a fair amount of time paddling the delta, too, and I saw it a lot. I believe it is a type of plant—I will try to get a picture to show you. It was really interesting.

Picture showing the 'plant' making the bubbles

After a couple of nights, we decided to head to Ell Cove. There is another storm coming, this time even larger. We thought Takatz might be a bit large, and could have a fair amount of fetch building up seas. We thought Ell Cove, being smaller and more confined might be better. Not sure if it was the right choice, but we moved on and anchored in Ell Cove.

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