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Cruising Puget Sound

Only a couple of videos from our Puget Sound cruising.  It's strange to us, given this was our cruising area for many years - years that predated YouTube!   The first video we ever published is below along with a 2nd video when we went to Port Townsend.  

Someday when passing through Puget Sound again, maybe we will get a chance to create some more videos.

Cruising Puget Sound aboard our Trawler, Sea Venture - Cruising Sea Venture - EP 1

In our first ever episode we cruise across Puget Sound from Everett to Keyport, visit the Underwater Naval Museum, and try to figure out how to film and cruise at the same time!

Boat Life - Cruising Puget Sound aboard our home and trawler, Sea Venture - EP 24

We cruise from Everett to Port Townsend, WA, where we start the final phase of our refit of Sea Venture - the final big step before heading out to the North Pacific.

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