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What kind of boat is Sea Venture?

Short Answer:  Cheoy Lee - Click the link to learn almost everything about Sea Venture

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How heavy is Sea Venture?

Short Answer:  85,000 lbs

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How fast does Sea Venture travel?

Short Answer:  7 knots

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Why do you have two 600 gallon water tanks?

Short Answer:  She came that way. . . 

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What happened to the varnished teak railings?

Short Answer:  They got painted!

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What year was Sea Venture built?

Short Answer:  1977

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Sea Venture’s hull looks different between 2018 and 2020 – what did you do?

While we didn’t show it in a video, Sea Venture got a complete exterior paint job in 2019.  It’s Awlgrip “Stark” White.

What type of heat do you have on Sea Venture?

We have two main heating sources.

1) A 24,000 BTU Diesel furnace.

2) We have 3 Cruise Air Units, one 240V and 2- 120V units. These are reverse cycle heat pumps. They are very powerful, create lots of heat, and use lots of electricity. They are really designed as air conditioners that also can be switched to heat.

When cruising we mostly rely on the diesel furnace. It works great and keeps the boat nice and warm

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