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Stuff we use and love

This page has information and links to stuff we use and love on Sea Venture.  Everything listed here is stuff that is important to us, and we think is worth considering on any cruising boat.

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Cruising Guides and Cook Books

Waggoner Cruising Guide

The Waggoner Cruising Guide is a must have for cruising Puget Sound, British Columbia and now SE Alaska.  We have used and worn out countless Waggoners.  They come out each year and have all the information needed about marinas, provisioning, stuff to do, and lots more.  Now they are spiral bound - even better.  Follow the link to go to Waggoner Home Page.

The Boat Galley Cookbook

We are just getting started with this cookbook, but so far, so good.  It's designed with the boat galley in mind - think do what you can with what you have onboard!

The Douglass Guides

We have always had the Douglass guides on board Sea Venture.  The detail it provides for anchorages, courses to follow, and what to watch out for is so valuable.  For up to date facilities, we still turn to the Waggoner, since it's updated every year, but if traveling to SE Alaska, I would have a Douglass guide book on board as well. 

Now, we could have put some links to some of the Douglass guide books here that you can buy at Amazon, but we didn't and their is a good reason.  They are overpriced on Amazon, especially the SE Alaska book. 

If you can find them, they should be about $70 each.  Note, we have seen the SE Alaska 2nd Edition for sale in bookstore.  The current version is Edition 3, published in 2017. 


Marriage Saving Equipment

Eartec Headphones

Don't be "those people" we have all seen in marinas yelling at each other in a panic - just get some good headsets.  We have gone through several versions and we like these the best by far.  Now, for us older boaters, the ones that cover both ears works best - it drowns out noise you don't need to hear.  Not only does it eliminate the yelling, it keeps everyone relaxed - you can "chit chat" while docking - for us, that means talking about what's for dinner!  We also use these headphones when anchoring, fishing, and any other time we need to communicate when not right together on the boat.


Just for the Cats

Not just for boats.  We have found the Purina Tidy Cats Litter box, which uses pellets with a pee-pad below is so much better then the litter box sand the cats track all over the place.  We just scoop the poop, change the pad every few days and the pellets about once a month.  It allows us to carry a 6 month supply on board Sea Venture with ease.

Purina Tidy Cats Litter Box System

Purina Tidy Cats Refill Kit

Refill kits with pellets and multi-cat pads - just for stocking up when you are out to sea!


Galley Stuff

A must have for every boat - a built in coffee maker.  Seriously, morning would

not be the same without our Brew Express

Brew Master Built-in Coffeemaker


Presto Electric Foldaway Skillet

This is a really cool item on the boat and even the home.  It's a basic 16" skillet, except it folds up to store.  If you have room to keep it on the boat, I would have one.  We use it continuously.  We got it about 3 years ago and it's never missed a beat, and it's not very expensive.  We even got them for the kids a Christmas presents for their homes.  With the base disconnected and inside with the cord and lid inverted, it takes about 1/2 the space.  Here is a couple of pictures, one cooking bacon and one folded up.  As I said, if you have room to store it folded up, it's a no brainer.


Camera gear we use on Sea Venture

Sony 4K Handicam

The Sony 4K Handicam is our primary camera when trying to capture wildlife.  It films in 4K, has an excellent zoom and a large LCD screen so you can actually see what you are capturing.  It has consistently performed for us. 

DJI Mavic Pro Drone

The drone has worked great - even we can fly it.  If we can, anyone can.  It's done everything it's suppose to do.  Is it a must have on a boat? - of course not, but it sure is a lot of fun!

DJI Smartphone Gimble

This smartphone gimble has worked great.  We really struggled with how to get the video without a shaking camera.  This has worked really well so far.

GoPro Hero 7

The GoPro was our only camera for the first 2 years we were making videos, and now we have two of them.  Between being small and waterproof they are perfect for the boat.  In our opinion, to have good sound quality, you will need an exterior microphone.

Everything Else

Anchor Buddy

Everything Else!

We think this is a must have when cruising where there are large tidal exchanges. It works great, but it could be much better. Here is my honest opinion: It’s a product made for anchoring your boat / tender – in fact, it has no other purpose. They made the “D” ring and woven in snap hook out of inexpensive metal – and that’s being generous. It should be made to actually be in the water. You will find it rusts to an almost unusable state within a year or two. They should be making the ring and snap hook from stainless steel – 100% stainless steel, not regular steel springs or latches like you can find. I think it’s a no brainer, but it’s just my opinion. I would gladly pay more for the product. Several different companies seem to make these, but I have not found one yet that has SS parts.

12 Volt Fans

We love these fans.  They work great, are easy to install, and can be pointed in any direction. We have bought them twice.  We now have 2 in the galley, 2 in the pilot house and 2 in our cabin.  

30L Waterproof Backpack

We use this every day, when we walk to town, take the tender somewhere, anywhere.  It is waterproof and holds all you would want to carry on your back.

Flush Cut Side Cutters

A must have if you have wire ties on the boat.  Use these to cut off the tails.  It will leave a smooth cut wire tie, that doesn't cut you when you touch or brush up against it.  You and anyone who works on your boat will be glad you have these simple but important cutters on board.

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