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Can you explain your FLIR and can you see logs in the water in the dark?

Short Answer:  It's a Thermal Imaging Camera Mounted to the front of Sea Venture and it depends on the conditions

For the full Answer:  

Do you have a fog horn?

Yes, we do.  It’s part of the VHF radio.  We can set it sound the horn automatically when cruising or at anchor, as needed.

How do you get weather forecast with no internet / cell coverage?

We use PredictWind to get weather forecast.  When cruising we get those forecast through our satellite connection.  We have an Iridium Go that provides satellite phone, text, email and a link to PredictWind no matter where Sea Venture is located.  We also have a Garmin Inreach that can do some of the same things.  As a final backup we have a Furuno Weather Fax that uses our SSB (Single Side Band) radio.  If in a costal area we also get the weather forecast on the VHF radio.

What do you use for Navigation?

Our primary Navigation is Time Zero (software) running on a 27’ Touch Screen Dell Computer, backed up on an additional laptop.

2nd system is Furuno NavNet

If needed we could also navigate via another Furuno unit, our Garmin Inreach, Ipad Navionics, or the navigation system installed in the tender.

Have you considered forward looking sonar?

We have but decided against it.  It has to stick out and is susceptible to damage.  We have friends that have one and really like it.

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