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Alaska Winter Cruising

Alaska Winter Cruising—it sounds cold, but it has not been too bad.  It is a bit wetter, darker and colder in Southeast Alaska than it is in Puget Sound, but not by too much.  The things we are learning to adapt to are:

Shorter cruising days—we like to cruise during daylight hours when we are able, otherwise what’s the point of cruising if you can’t see anything?

Quickly changing weather—we have been surprised by how quickly the weather changes.  One day it’s calm with 3 knot winds, then next, 35 knots, day after day.  When do you find a good weather window? 

Managing the colder weather--We are learning that the diesel furnace we installed has been a blessing!  We keep that furnace working 24/7.  It may be cold, wet and dark outside, but Sea Venture stays cozy.  

With all that being said, Alaska Winter cruising has its’ charms.   When you find calm, quiet water, and have clear skies, the sun shining on fresh snowcapped peaks is breathtaking!

Alaska - Winter Cruising aboard our home and trawler yacht - Sea Venture + Q&A EP 69

We explore beautiful Bradfield Canal, which is located SE of Wrangell Island in SE Alaska. Bradfield Canal is a little travelled 12-mile inlet. The cruising guides offer no real information, except to point out that it is a dead end with no good anchorages. Knowing few boaters ventured up the canal we set our sights on going to the end of the canal, and we were not disappointed.

Winter Alaska Cruising - All by yourself aboard our home and trawler yacht, Sea Venture EP 73

Welcome to the anchorages around Wrangell Island. In this episode we check out Thoms Place, Anita Bay and Maden Bay. In Thoms place we deal with a renegade cat and check out a charted rock. We examine how to safely navigate Zimovia channel enroute to Anita bay where we enjoy the snowy peaks around the bay. In Maden Bay we have sunny, cold weather and lots of wind as we cruise the ‘back channel’ back to Wrangell.

Commercial Shrimping during Alaska's Winter - Welcome aboard our Trawler Yacht Sea Venture EP 75  Part 1

In this episode we spend a day aboard FV Martina, a commercial fishing boat. We get to tag along while we fish for side striped shrimp, learn all about the fishery, along with other fisheries in SE Alaska. This video is part one of two.

Commercial Shrimping during Alaska's Winter - Welcome aboard our Yacht Sea Venture EP 76 - Part 2

Part 2 of our day aboard FV Martina, a commercial fishing boat. We get to tag along while we fish for side striped shrimp, learn all about the fishery, along with other fisheries in SE Alaska.

Waggoner Cruising Guide / NMTA Webinar with the crew of Sea Venture EP 79

The episodes replays our live Webinar as guest of the Waggoner Cruising Guide and the Northwest Marine Trade Association.

Small town living in Wrangell, AK, wintering aboard our Trawler, Sea Venture EP 80

What is it like to live in a small, frontier town in SE Alaska? Well, we tried it for a winter and became ‘temporary locals’. We secured moorage for our trawler, Sea Venture, in the local harbor, about a mile out of town. We got a PO Box for mail, secured power for our slip and became ‘residents’ of this small town. Coming from a larger west coast city in the lower 48, this town of 2,500 people was a bit of an adjustment. The folks were helpful and friendly, and this small town provided everything we needed to comfortably navigate the winter season. In this video we share some of the shops in town, introduce you to some of the issues small towns face and share an epic dinner.

Washington to Alaska - Our 600 mile pandemic transit aboard our trawler, Sea Venture. EP 81

This is the story of our 2020 "transit" through Canada. We traveled from Washington to SE Alaska during the pandemic while the Canadian border remained closed, with permission from Canadian Customs, following very specific rules. In this video we review the rules for entering Canada, our transit without ever stepping off the boat, and what to consider if you are planning a transit in 2021.

60 Buoys in 20 miles - Navigating the Wrangell Narrows aboard our home and trawler, Sea Venture EP82

Transiting the Wrangell Narrows. A right of passage for Alaskan cruisers, in this video we take you through the narrows, talk about the challenges, the strategies you can use, and the great experience of completing this part of your Alaskan adventure.

Exploring Wrangell as we winter cruise aboard our home and trawler, Sea Venture EP 83

If you visit Alaskan small town Wrangell, here is what you can do! Come along with us as we visit all the fun places to visit in Wrangell.

Winter Yachting in Alaska - Journey through the wind and snow to Juneau aboard Sea Venture EP 84

Join us for our first day as we adventure from Wrangell, through the Wrangell Narrows, past Petersburg and on into Fredrick Sound and we head to Juneau Alaska.

Winter Yachting in Alaska - Journey through the wind and snow to Juneau aboard Sea Venture EP 85

Join us for our 2nd day as we adventure from Wrangell to Juneau Alaska. In this episode we start off at our anchorage behind Whitney Island and end up in a snow storm at Taku Harbor.

Winter Yachting in Alaska - Journey through the wind, snow and ice to Juneau aboard Sea Venture EP86

Join us for our 3rd day as we adventure from Wrangell to Juneau Alaska. In this episode we start off at Taku Harbor, just 3 hours away from Juneau. But before we get their we encounter lots of wind and spray - and cold - really, really cold. Cold enough the spray froze to Sea Venture, coating her in a layer of ice.

Exploring Juneau and winter cruising aboard our boat and home, Sea Venture EP. 87

We explore Juneau in the snow, complete our bathroom remodel, and have a snowy cruise on our way south.

Boarded by the Coast Guard. Winter Cruising in Alaska aboard our home and trawler, Sea Venture EP 88

Join us as we depart Tracy Arm, go along some icebergs, and while heading to Wrangell get boarded by the US Coast Guard.

Cruising north in Alaska's winter - pulling up anchor in 42 knots of wind - all in a days fun. EP89

What a ride! We leave Wrangell during a good weather window to head back north 100 miles to meet some friends and take on the best anchorage in the North Pacific - Ford's Terror. But, to get their you have to earn it! In this episode on the way we find ourselves pulling up in the anchor in over 40 knots of wind to head out cruising! We had an absolute blast and are so glad to get the chance to share a little bit of our adventure with you.

Sea Venture passes through the gates into magical Ford's Terror - Cruising Sea Venture EP 90

In this episode we take advantage of a nice high weather system to cruise to the Tracy Arm Anchorage. We then set the stage for our entry into Ford's Terror. We cruise up Endicott Arm, dodging icebergs and arrive at the Ford's Terror entrance one hour before highwater slack. We survey the area and the entrance channel, and then when the time is right, we make our entrance into Ford's Terror, a magical new cruising world . . . considered by many to be one of the best anchorages in the world, we cruise in on a sunny April afternoon. Join us for our adventure to the feared Ford's Terror anchorage.

Sea Venture cruises into Ford's Terror - experience the magical fjords in real time (as we do) EP 91

In this "slow boat" episode we do something different. Join us in actual time as we cruise into the magical fjords of Ford's Terror. We invite you to experience the anticipation and excitement we experience as we cruise the 4.5 miles from the entrance channel to the anchorage area. The soaring cliffs covered in evergreens and lichen, and the thundering waterfalls accentuate the magical feel and wonder of what awaits around each turn in the channel. Sit back, relax and enjoy the magic of nature at her finest.

Exploring Ford’s Terror on our trawler and home, Sea Venture , plus Q&A EP 92

In this episode, we explore Fords Terror. We anchor in the West Arm and check out the snowy field and salmon stream. We also check out the partially frozen waterfall in the bay. In the East Arm, we need to visit it two times. The first time we went at low tide and we could not get past the rapids, so we check out the island at the entrance. At high tide, we explore the fjord and experience another of many avalanches that reaches all the way to the water. We also take time to explore the entrance channel, along with its many waterfalls and seals, and the iceberg at the entrance. We wanted to experience the Fords Terror entrance channel at low water, to see all those ‘hazards’ that are hidden at high water.

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