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Cruising British Columbia and Haida Gwaii

In this series, we explore our new boat, Sea Venture.  This is our shake down cruise, and we ‘shook her good’!

Instead of racing off to northern waters, we took our time cruising through British Columbia.  We explored Princess Louisa Inlet, the Sunshine Coast, and checked out the Sechelt rapids.  Then on to Campbell River, Desolation Sound and multiple rapids that deliver us north to the Broughton Islands.  From there, we round Cape Caution, and travel the outer less traveled islands along the shoreline northbound.  At the north end of Banks island, we have a good weather window to cross the 70 miles of Hecate Strait.  We spend weeks exploring the challenges and beauty of the Haida Gwaii Islands.   Returning the 70 miles to the mainland was much more challenging and we gave Sea Venture a good shakedown on the way back.   Enjoy the adventure!

Trawler Life cruising to Canada aboard Sea Venture - EP 3

We cruise from Everett, Washington to Anacortes via Deception Pass, then on to Stewart Island in the San Juan's. From there we cross the border into Canada, stopped at Ganges Harbor to visit the town, then on northward across the Strait of Georgia to Princess Louisa Inlet.

Cruising the Sunshine Coast aboard our Trawler, Sea Venture - EP 4

We cruise from Princess Louisa Inlet and Chatterbox Falls to the Sechelt Rapids, Cortez Bay, and on to Campbell River on Vancouver Island.

Cruising British Columbia's Desolation Sound aboard our trawler Sea Venture - EP 5

We cruise to Desolation Sound, through a series of Rapids, spend time at Shoal Bay and head northward up Johnstone Strait.

Cruising British Columbia's Broughton Islands aboard our trawler Sea Venture EP - 6

We travel from Johnstone Strait, through the Broughton Islands, visit Kwatsi Bay and Echo Bay Marinas, and conclude in Port McNeill. Along the way we encounter bears, whales, and porpoises, along with more rapids.

Rounding Cape Caution aboard our ocean going power boat, Sea Venture - EP 7

We travel from Port McNeill, round Cape Caution, stop in Fury Cove, Pruth Bay, and several other anchorages and head up the outside until we duck in to Shearwater.

Crossing the notorious Hecate Strait - Cruising Sea Venture - EP 8

We cruise from Shearwater, taking the less travelled outside route and cross Hecate Strait to Sandspit in the Haidi Gwaii Islands.

Cruising the offshore Haidi Gwaii islands aboard our trawler, Sea Venture - EP 9

In this episode we spend 3 weeks cruising the remote Haidi Gwaii Islands.

Boat Life - Getting tossed about in Hecate Strait + Cape Caution - Cruising Sea Venture - EP 10

We travel east across Hecate Strait, south down the inside passage, around Cape Caution to Port Hardy, on the north end of Vancouver Island - all in a quest to find the sun.

Trawler Life on the inside passage - Cruising Sea Venture - EP 11

We cruise from Port Hardy, British Columbia, at the north end of Vancouver Island, south, through the inside passage, Seymour Narrows, the Strait of Georgia, Gulf Islands, across the US border, into the San Juan Islands, across the Strait of Juan de Fuca, into Puget Sound and back to Everett, Washington.

Boat Life - Cost of living on a boat - 2,000 miles & 100 days - Cruising Sea Venture - EP 12

In this series conclusion and review we go over in detail all the trip stats - everything you wanted to know about cruising over 2,000 miles in 100 days in the great Northwest.

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