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Tech Talks & Refits

"Tech Talks" arose out of us wanting to do a segment on managing our 2,158 gallons of fuel on board Sea Venture.  Rosy thought it was too boring for a cruising video, so we made a separate video about it.  It turned out talking about techy stuff on Sea Venture was quite popular.  Since then we have done several different videos and a complete 8 video series on our big refit, where we added our Paravane Stabilizers plus a lot of other work on Sea Venture. 

We will keep making these videos from time to time.  Please let us know if there is a specific topic you would like to see.

Click the banner below to go straight to the video your looking for, or browse below to see all the videos to choose from.

Swim Step Replacement

Trawler Swim Step Replacement - Cruising Sea Venture - EP 63

Time for a rear end makeover aboard Sea Venture.


Our ocean going power boat had an old, small teak swim step with a ladder stepping down to it. Between difficult access, and the rake of the stern, the swim step was difficult to use without constant handholds.


This video shows the transformation from our old teak trawler swim step to a new more useable swim platform with comfortable steps to access it along with safety rails. We wanted to create a functional space to make living on our trawler safer and more comfortable.

Our new trawler swim platform meets all our needs. It has easy to access steps that will allow us to use the space well into our retirement years. It provides a fishing, diving and swimming platform. It allows the boat to handle following ocean seas well, with lots of space for water to push through the swim platform, and it gives the boat cats a closeup view from their waterfront home.


An additional bonus is that we added stern cleats to assist with docking. We love it!

Elec Upgrade

Lithium batteries and more! - Upgrading our home and trawler - Sea Venture - EP 60

In this video we review Sea Ventures big electrical upgrade.


Work included new electrical panels, new alternators, 2 new inverters, isolation transformer, power transformers, start batteries and more. We will go over in detail what we had, what we wanted out of the changes, and what changes we made.


We will wrap up the video with a review of how the system is performing and ultimately, the total cost of the changes.

Fuel Mgt

Fuel Management - Taking care of 2,158 gallons of Diesel

Letstalk fuel management, and review everything about how we fuel, store, track, and take care of our 2,158 gallons or 8,200 liters of fuel aboard Sea Venture

Spare Parts

Spare Parts - Keeping Track of 600 different parts

Lets go over in detail how we choose, organize, store and keep track of over 600 spare parts on Sea Venture.


Our Tender gets a complete makeover

In this video we refurbish our 13.5’ Caribe dinghy. Watch us as we take apart, clean, upgrade, and figure out how to put our dinghy back together.


The great 8 part Refit Series

The Great Refit Begins - Stabilizing our Ocean Going Power Boat Sea Venture - EP 13

The refit begins - In this first episode of a new series we will detail the planned refit of Sea Venture, including the changes, the estimate, the schedule, and the work completed to date. Join us as we venture down this path of making major changes to our home and ocean cruising power boat - Sea Venture.

The Great Refit Continues as we stabilize our trawler, Sea Venture - EP 14

In this installment the work begins, and everything changes, what we found, the plans, and the estimate! Enjoy watching as our home and ocean going power boat starts it's upper deck transformation.

The Great Refit Continues as we stabilize our liveaboard trawler, Sea Venture - EP 15

In this installment of our refit series we move ahead at break neck speed with more changes to the budget and the schedule.

The Refit keeps getting bigger on our liveaboard trawler, Sea Venture - EP 16

In this episode we continue the refit of the upper deck of Sea Venture, our home and cruising yacht. While the work continues we start our planning for next summers grand adventure, meet some wonderful folks though out YouTube Channel, and see the light at the end of the project!

Will the refit ever be done - so many projects at once on our home and trawler, Sea Venture - EP 17

In this episode we move forward on all the projects to prepare Sea Venture for our next big adventure. The deck project, bottom paint project, rub rail, and varnishing projects all move forward, plus we review the plans for the new superstructure.

Refit part 1 complete, but the work continues on our ocean going power boat, Sea Venture - EP 18

We finish the upper deck, the bottom paint, the cockpit beams and supports, the interior ceiling and new interior post. We splash back into the water, go for a short cruise, and get the new numbers.

Projects and expenses keep growing - Refitting our trawler, Sea Venture - EP 20

In this episode, we complete our work on the upper railing, customize our radar, check out the progress on the super structure and complete the electrical installation of the stern light.

Refit Done - $130,000 later and we can finally leave the dock! Cruising Sea Venture - EP 25

In this episode the refit is completed! We review the final process of putting it all together, the cost, our thoughts about the results, and our summer 2018 cruising plans!

"Tech Talk" - VHF Antennas - Why 12 antennas on our Ocean Going Trawler - M/V Sea Venture EP 74

In another “Tech Talk” video, we dive deep into VHF Antenna’s and why we upgraded the antennas on Sea Venture to a commercial grade 10db antenna 39’ above the water.

Anchor 1

Our Bulbous Bow addition to Sea Venture - Learn what, why, how, the cost, and if you should . . EP77

Part 1 of 2 of our journey from an idea to a reality as we research, decide, and add a bulbous bow to our home and ocean going trawler yacht, Sea Venture.

Our Bulbous Bow addition to Sea Venture - Learn what, why, how, the cost, and if you should . . EP78

Part 2 of 2 of our journey from an idea to a reality as we research, decide, and add a bulbous bow to our home and ocean going trawler yacht, Sea Venture.

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