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Updated: Jan 18, 2021

We cleared into the port with the harbormaster, who was the one to give us our clearance for our Covid 19 quarantine. Since we had spent 14 days onboard, we were allowed to leave the boat and go into town. We spent half our time waiting out a rainstorm. It rained over two inches in two days. When it cleared a bit, we walked to the other end of town where the cruise ship terminals are to see what it looked like without any cruise ships. It was eerily quiet. I cannot imagine the economic impact to the town of not having any cruise ship passengers. May of the shops were shuttered, and the few that we open were not at all busy.

The empty cruise ship docks and promenade

We spent some time provisioning, getting the little outboard to our red tender fixed and got some mail forwarded to us. When you are cruising aboard for several days, you, well, we, start to develop a shopping list of the little items that you forgot, or will help us fix this or organize that better and on and on. So, we had our list and took care of a few of the key items.

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