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Fools Inlet

We left Ketchikan on Saturday, July 18 to head north. We took two days to get to Fools Inlet, near Anan Creek Bear Observatory, where we had a permit for Tuesday. While we had rough seas the first day, we had smooth waters on the second day and passed by several fish boats who were purse seining around a point. It was interesting to see so many boats, 5-6, all in the same area of water. As we entered the inlet, we were able to watch two grey whales bubble-feeding at the mouth of the bay. They would create a circle of bubbles to ‘trap’ the fish, then they would dive deep under the net and up into the circle at the top. We could see the fish bubbling to the surface, then the mouths of the two whales. It was pretty exciting and we got some great video of it.

In Fools Inlet, we met two other boaters. One was a friend of Alpenglow, whom we chatted with a bit. They were anchoring there to go to Anan on Monday. The second was a local cruiser from Wrangell. They were there for the shrimping, and shared a bag of their shrimp with us. We had it for dinner and it tasted so fresh! Later we learned that they took a stunning photo of Sea Venture, and they emailed it to us a few weeks later. Check this out! Thank you Ken ____________

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