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Cruising to Wrangell

Updated: Jan 17, 2021

When we took off from Thomas Bay the final morning, we left in thick fog. We had some

openings in the fog and then it would close in again. As we crossed the delta exiting Thomas Bay, we could not see much at all. That continued until we entered the channel by Petersburg. As we cruised past the town and made it to Turn Point, (just south of Petersburg), the fog lifted and revealed a beautiful, sunny day. The sun lasted all the way back to Wrangell and treated us to a beautiful sunset as we entered the marina.

We have spent about a week here in Wrangell, and the weather has been beautiful. It is a nice change from our stormy, rainy August. Sea Venture recorded 13”of rain in August, and as of mid September, we have had only one inch of rain. What a great change! I am sure it will start again, but for now, we have enjoyed a nice September.

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