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Cannery Cove--oh so many crabbies!

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

We left the Warm Springs and decided to fish the southern portion of Admiralty Island. We had heard that there was great fishing there. We got 6 beautiful silver salmon that we caught around Point Gardner. We were fishing in the fog, and occasionally had to reach out via VHF radio to other cruisers to make sure they were aware of our presence and that we were trolling. That was a successful strategy and made me feel less concerned advising fellow boaters that we were traveling an only 2 knots and circling around.

Later that afternoon, we anchored in Cannery Cove. In the cove we got our fill of crab! We were astonished at how many large crab were in the bay. While we were in Cannery Cove, we started to see more sunshine. We took some time to clean and pressure wash the decks and washed all the windows. It was much needed, and Sea Venture looked so much better.

We toured around the cove in the tender and just enjoyed the fact that the sun was shining. We had a couple other boats in the bay, but it was very quiet compared to the last time we were in the area. The fishing lodge did have float planes coming and going with their guests.

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