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Baranoff Warm Springs Anchorage - the surprise the next morning!

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

For this stopover to the Warm Springs, the dock had a single opening on the shore side. We felt it was too small for us, so we left it for ‘Therapy’ who could squeeze in there. We went off to anchor. We had a bit of trouble finding a good spot, but we ended up in a really deep, narrow and rocky inlet, and anchored in the dark. We anchored in 85’ with 200’ of anchor chain deployed.

We dropped the tender in the dark and headed to Stans boat, Therapy, at the dock, to have dinner with them. After a fabulous dinner -- three courses of three different kinds of bottomfish (rockfish, cod and halibut). What a treat!

The next morning we woke to a surprise…..there were several bear at the head of the bay,. There was a good sized stream entering into the bay and the bear were fishing in the stream. Stan and his crew joined us for coffee and a great visit, (and kitty playtime) before they took off to go south and we took off to head to Pybus Bay for more fishing.

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