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Appleton Cove--a quick stop on our return trip

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

The next am was windy. We set off for the Appleton cove area the next morning, but we just got past the island before the head seas were too much. We veered off to Ushk Bay to hide out until the wind blew over. Another gale was forecasted for the next day, so we let the winds settle out and took off at 5pm. The water was much better and we got to Appleton just before dark.

We spent an extra day at anchor in Appleton Cove. While we were there, we got a message from Stan, whom we met at Baranof Warm Springs earlier in our trip. He is an avid bottom fisher and has been fishing these waters for several years. He let us know that he was coming to Appleton and would like to take us to his favorite fishing holes between Appleton and Baranof Warm Springs. He arrived in the anchorage that evening. The next morning we took off with him leading the way and fished our way to Warm Springs. We found many new spots to fish, and got 3 rock cod and 3 halibut during our time fishing.

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