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A New Swim Step

In Port Townsend we were hauled out to get the Swim Step Project complete. It really was a design-build. We knew we wanted it to complement the superstructure. We wanted it to have staples. We wanted enough room to access the boat via steps rather than a ladder. So, the design process began. It took some time, but the end result was worth it.

Additional work we did or had done while we were out of the water included:

· New primary transducer

· New secondary transducer

· Painted the bilge in the engine room

· Painted the Engine room floor coverings

· Replaced the 2-10 gal 120v water heaters with one 30 gal 240v water heater

· Rebuilt the water distribution manifold

· Replaced 400’ of ½ inch anchor chain

· Added a drain line to the flybridge behind the hatch (water collected there)

· Had the engines checked out by the mechanic

· Filled, patched and painted the transom after all the support ribs were installed

· Installed the new ‘Sea Venture’ name on the transom

Additional activities included keeping track of cats and keeping them on board (quasi successful)

In late June, on the 24th, we headed to Shilshole Marina in Seattle. It was there that we were finally going to finish up the walls in the pilothouse. We had found some great wallpaper we loved. The company was finally able to do the project we had planned for in April (due to covid restrictions). It took them just a couple of days, and it turned out terrific.

Then it was the 35 miles back to Everett, for a final, see you later, with family and friends. We were off the next day to get fuel in Anacortes and then on to Sucia Island in the San Juans. By July 1, we were ready to transit north!

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