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2020 - Leaving our Homeport for the Last Time

The year started ‘normally’ enough. We were getting our business affairs in order, so that it could be handled by our adult kids in our absence. We were also doing some final Sea Venture projects to get the boat just the way we wanted her for our big departure. We had our projects lined up with different vendors, so that the work would all be completed by May 1.

That is when we wanted to depart to circumnavigate Vancouver Island. Then Covid -19 changed our world, just like it impacted the rest of the planet. Vendors were closed and the work got pushed out. So, we quarantined on the boat, at the dock in Everett, and did boat projects. We were, fortunately, able to get the big electrical project completed. We got lots of work done, and when some businesses opened up with Covid-19 restrictions, we were able to get the final work completed.

On May 1, as planned, we departed our slip in the Everett marina, for the last time. We have ‘lived’ here for the past 6 years, so this was a big change for us. We wrapped up all remaining details and left the dock. We were off, with no plans to return.

We spent the next month cruising around in Puget Sound. We really did very little filming for YouTube videos, we just wanted to leave the camera in the cabinet for a while and enjoy the relative freedom of no home moorage slip. We cruised to Poulsbo, then we wandered to Blake Island, and old family favorite, and Blakes namesake. After that, we headed to Oro Bay. We spend several beautiful, sunny, warm days in Oro Bay. We met up with fellow boaters, a young family on S/V Fern, who also left Everett a week or so before us. We shared similar plans to circumnavigate Vancouver Island before heading to Mexico. We spent 6 lovely nights in Oro Bay working on boat projects, videos and enjoying the sunshine.

It was there that we got the call that the Port Townsend Shipwrights coop was opening limited operations and would be able to work on previously scheduled projects. Our swim step was one of those projects. In mid May, we headed to Port Townsend.

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