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This is our trawler life story.  We retired in our mid 50’s and decided to make a big change. We sold everything and moved aboard our 54' Cheoy Lee passagemaker, a “go anywhere in the world”, ocean going power boat. That was in 2014 and we have never looked back.

Now we are free of 9-5 work, but not life.  We still have occasional commitments we need to keep in the connected world.   We are living aboard and cruising our trawler full time.

We have two additional crew members, feline brothers, Blake and Barkley. Yes, we have two brave (sorta) boat cats, on board!       


Join us and our crew, on our adventures.   We love to explore new places, discover more about our trawler and what makes her work, and challenge ourselves to try new things.  Our hope is to entertain and inspire you to pursue your own passions through telling our story of our cruising trawler lifestyle.

Our Latest Video

Crossing the Gulf of Alaska aboard our trawler, Sea Venture, EP 108

In this episode we pick up where we left off last time, in the middle of the night on night one of our crossing of the Gulf of Alaska. This episodes carries us through the 3 night passage, where we hit something in the night and have to dodge Orca Whales 30 miles off shore.

Cruising Glacier Bay, with the John Hopkins Glacier
Anan Bear Observatory
Sea Venture
Sea Venture
Sea Venture
Sitka, Alaska