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Slowing down--we explore Foggy Bay and Bullhead Cove

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

We have always cruised through this area, while heading north or southbound, but we never took any time to explore. When we reached Foggy Bay we began to slow down. We celebrated a successful transit, and we explored the bay. It was nice to get the dinghy down and cruise around, go to shore and walk around the shoreline. We even got to see a bear on the beach! We had seen on the chart a 3 mile inlet called Very Inlet. We decided to check that out by tender. We took the dingy on a ride to a potential anchorage about 3 miles inland, that included a section of rapids that need to transited at high water slack. After running the rapids in the tender, there is no way would we take Sea Venture back there! It was creepy enough in the tender.

The interesting islets of Kah Shakes cove

In Bullhead Cove, we enjoyed a sandy beach near the mouth of the bay and took an afternoon to explore the Kah Shakes Cove. We finished up our 14 days of quarantine spending time in the anchorages, then we headed on in to Ketchikan.

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