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Berg Bay - Alpine hiking?

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Our next stop was Berg Bay, a narrow, deep inlet. It is extremely scenic, with an alpine feel. There were two other boats there, a sailboat and a large fishing tender. If we lined up, the anchoring worked.

There is a forest service cabin there. We went to shore to check out the cabin. We then took the boardwalk trail to the huge delta of Aaron creek and the river on the other side of the peninsula. It was a pretty hike, mostly boardwalk, with a boggy terrain. When we got to the delta, there were patches of trees, like islands, lots of grasses and streams running all through it. It was difficult to walk because of the many meandering creeks throughout.

Here is a great photo of a little chipmunk who decided to jump to the safety of the trees. This is the view of the bay from the forest service cabin. You can see Sea Venture off to the right looking out the bay.

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